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Return Policy

CFM’s return policy is in accordance with the adage “No harm — no foul”. We acknowledge
that errors will occur. We do not profit from our customers errors; of course, billings for
additional freight, restocking, etc., are passed on to the customer. All new product returns must have prior approval with a written Return Authorization form. Include a copy of the form as your return packing slip.

CFM handles various types of returned merchandise as outlined below.


  • New and unused
  • Not Damaged
  • Original carton in good condition
  • Call or fax a list of material to be returned, with serial numbers, if applicable, and CFM invoice number or date. CFM will fax back a completed Return Authorization form (see above; required as of 04/01/05).
  • All freight charges are the responsibility of the customer
  • Electrical / electronic parts are not returnable
  • A re-stocking fee, up to 15%, will apply to all returns, excluding Warranty returns


  1. a) through e) stocked items applies
    and in addition:
    f) The manufacturer must approve a return to factory
    g) all freight charges and re-stocking fees involved will be debited on the return credit


  1. h) Within warranty period, a completed warranty claim form must be submitted with returned
    part, in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements as per their warranty policy
    American Standard and Coleman parts may not be required to be returned. File these claims on line, and keep the part until you receive credit from CFM, or are instructed to return it.
    i) If claim cannot be filed online, send the claim form and part to CFM within 30 days of the date of repair/service.
    j) Freight to CFM is to be paid by contractor.

No pre-authorization is necessary if conditions h) through j) are me

a), c) and d) for stocked items applies
and in addition:
k) Copy of freight bill with signature noting exception(s)

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Return Policy
Revised 5-1-2008