Why US Solar?

At US Solar we focus on the things that make a difference in your business. Deep inventory, broad delivery capabilities, efficient and accurate service, product and industry knowledge, world class technical support, and industry leading training.

We work closely with key manufacturer partners, industry experts and the contracting community to bring the resources and support needed to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. Whether you need help structuring your business, improving your marketing, expanding into new markets, or just everyday product knowledge, training, and support, the US Solar team has you covered.

As we grow, we constantly focus on customers to understand how we can provide value while improving processes to make sure that we deliver excellence every time. Since our inception, US Solar has been in business to help your business. It was true more than 30 years ago, and it is still our driving focus today.


Exceptional Service

Our team at US Solar is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all our customers. We strive to ensure prompt and efficient assistance so that you have a positive experience when you order through us.


Dealer Program

We offer a comprehensive Dealer Program that provides exclusive benefits and resources to help Solar businesses reach their full potential. From exclusive quarterly promos to training funds for sponsored classes, our program is designed to help you take your business to the next level.


The Alliance

The CFM Alliance is designed to educate and network with other businesses to help them become more profitable. The Alliance offers advanced industry education, professional development, and networking opportunities.


Advanced Training Program

Our training program is designed to help contractors stay up to date on the constantly evolving solar industry, equipment, and important certifications. Our extensive customized training programs include classes to ensure that our contractors are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to deliver industry-leading value and service

To deliver industry dominating value and growth through teamwork and excellence.

Vision Statement

Since 1984

We know that if we help out customers and the people on our team succeed then our success will be guaranteed!  At US Solar we operate by a set of values and expect to be held accountable for living up to them. This is what keeps us going.

Helping our customers and employees succeed

Mission Statement

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