Helping Our Customers and Employees Succeed.

Order Accuracy​

We currently have an order accuracy at 99.1% as we continue to strive for flawless execution for our customers.

Fill Rate​​

With our incredible track record using extensive research and data we have been able to have an exceptional fill rate.

Support Availability ​

We have continued to improve our call center answering time with now seeing more then 90% of our calls being answered in under 15 seconds.

Why Choose US Solar?

We are in business to help your business. It is that simple. For over 30 years that has been our goal. We partner with you to help you succeed in meeting your goals. US Solar has an award winning customer service department, a knowledgeable sales force, a creative marketing department, express branches and experienced support staff that makes everything come together.

“We know we have to deliver on time, accurately, and at the right price. That’s the foundation of our business. Beyond that, we really want customers to have a great experience every time they interact with us. An experience so outstanding, that they want to tell others about it. Every day we focus on those aspects of our business, and every day we work to be better than we were the day before.”

Andrew Barton, CEO, US Solar Distributing

Brands We Carry

Some of the products we are proud to carry and offer.

One of the only Enphase Battery training centers in Northern California.