Solectria SolZone 2 Fuse Array Monitoring

Product Details

While SolrenView™ provides to the customer the ability to view the total system performance, SolZone™ provides an extra level of granularity to see multiple sub-array DC currents. SolZone™ has the ability to compare individual PV zones against each other based on the number of sub-array fuses or ‘zones’ built into a Solectria factory-installed DC sub-combiner. Each sub-array zone may be monitored and compared against each other. The data collected, monitored and displayed via web browser is viewable in various modes. SolZone™ is also compatible with many third party monitoring systems.     FEATURES
  • Monitors individual sub-array currents
  • Performance charting
  • Real-time status notifications
  • Reliable, safe & secure data storage
  • MODBUS communications for third party compatibility